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Motorcycle Repair and Services Offered for Denver Metro Riders


Neighborhood Automotive strives to keep your motorcycle in the best shape. Our motorcycle mechanics will run an inspection to locate the problem on your motorbike and fix it quickly. Since our passion is fixing and maintaining motorcycles, we’ve invested time in studying their fundamentals, systems, parts, and more. We are equipped and trained to handle repair, maintenance, and other services for most motorcycle brands, including Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Triumph, and KTM on-off road motorbikes.



If your motorcycle is not meeting your expectations when it comes to performance, bring it to us for some check-up. We will run rigorous tests on your fuel, electrical, and mechanical lines to check for issues that cause your motorbike to not start up or run poorly.

Steering System Repair & Replacement

Steering problems in motorcycles can be dangerous for riders. If you experience difficulty in turning the wheel or other steering problems, have Neighborhood Automotive in Littleton inspect your bearings. We will examine whether there is a need Replace them and improve your motorcycle’s steering ability.

Electrical Repairs

We specialize in electrical systems. Our team of mechanics can handle repairs on any electrical parts—be them a charging system, lighting system, switches and control, battery, stator, wiring, and more.

Carburetor Repair & Replacement

Whatever carburetor problem your motorcycle has, we can handle them with great care. Our experienced mechanics will make sure that your carburetors function well so you can feel at ease on the road all the time.


Tune Up

Looking for a qualified motorcycle mechanic in Littleton who can perform an extensive service session? Our team of specialists would gladly assist you and inspect all your motorcycle parts from engine oil to brake fluid, tires, chains, brake pads, and more.

Oil Change

Is your oil getting black and gritty, or are your dashboard warning lights sending signals? Those are a few signs that you need to change your oil! Periodically check your motorbike’s oil level or consult us to determine whether your road buddy needs an oil change.

Tire Pressure

Your tires not only play a key role in your safety on the road but also greatly influence the performance of your bike. Be sure to take care of them and ensure they have the right amount of pressure. We are experts in that matter, and it will be our pleasure to discuss with you some tire pressure recommendations.

Battery Check

The battery is often an overlooked component in a motorcycle—until it dies and leaves its owner stranded by the roadside. Don’t let this happen to you! Seek help from the experts and have your battery checked at least every month to avoid sudden breakdowns.

Chain Maintenance

Your motorcycle chain requires just as much attention as the other components on your motorbike. If you don’t have a current chain care routine, let us do the chain maintenance for you. We will inspect, clean, and lubricate your chain so your motorcycle functions optimally and safely.

Brake Maintenance

Motorcycles accelerate fast and have the ability to move through any type of road. Without your brakes, you can’t control the speed of your motorbike’s wheels and come to a controlled stop when you need it. If your brake pads or levers are not responding well, consult a motorcycle mechanic in Littleton to help you with any of these.

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